Israeli spy on my table

On my table top

My love for reading is something that has accompanied me throughout my lazy Sundays, my sleepless nights, my rides to work on public transportation, my long and boring lecture classes on university back in the day… A book is like  a faithful friend who is always present to snap me out of boredom even if it is just for a couple minutes or as soon I get distracted with something else.

Since my greed for books is much larger than my available time to read everything I wish I could read, the pile of books on my side table ( and coffee table, bookcase and probably under the bed as well…) just keeps getting bigger and bigger by each trip to the bookstore and online order. Let’s just say, I got a bit of catching up to do on my reading…

This is one of the books I’m reading right now. I got it as a gift on my last  birthday and I must say it was a much welcomed gift. I haven’t bought fiction for quite sometime and it feels nice to break the routine and read something lighter and more exciting for a change.

I already knew some of the books by Daniel Silva (“The confessor”, “A death in Vienna”) and this one is just as good. So, if you are into thrillers , intrigue and if you like to travel through books, try this one and join Gabriel Allon in his missions. There’s something about the well-written plot of the enigmatic assassin/art restorer that just keep you glued to the story, page after page.

Disclaimer: If you read it before falling asleep, it might end up disrupting your sleep with dreams about secret agents, terrorists and heroic acts… Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂

Disclaimer 2: I don’t recommend reading until you fall asleep though. It’s bad for your neck, I’m telling you. Although, this will be highly improbable, you won’t rest until you reach the last page.

(SILVA, Daniel. (2006)”The Prince of Fire”)


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