In the canvas of life

… a photo is like an open window to the rest of the world.

“It has been said that we live by contrasts.  During my travels over the past three decades, I have been in palaces and paper shacks;  in extreme heat and in bitter cold.  I have seen  the sublime and the bizarre; violent death and new life.  Each contrasting thing heightens the effect of its opposite.”


There are only a few things that had touch me has deep as Steve McCurry’s  photography has. There is always so much behind his images… It’s surely a classic for all photography lovers.

Let me leave you with some suggestions for a last minute Christmas gifts. Any photography lover will surely like these:

Portraits, Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry: the Unguarded Moment, Thirty Years of Photography, Steve McCurr

In the Shadow of the Mountains, Steve McCurry

(source: photography by Steve McCurry)