No swan in this lake

(source: Natalie Portman for Vogue, January11 edition. Editorial: Photography by Peter Lindbergh and styled by Tonne Goodman.)

(source: Repetto window in Paris. Photography by Kay Gaensler)

My heart flows between the drumming noise  of deep emotion and the soft flow of a calm sea. What it is today may not be tomorrow but I’m comfortable with the inconsistency. I’m not a straight line in an untouched canvas. I’m a box full of feathers and written pages.
I’m not a black swan. I’m not a white one either. I change colours depending on the eyes of the beholder. My life is my lake, my lake is my stage.


2 thoughts on “No swan in this lake

    • Yes, you have. =) It is worth it!
      I was kind of deceptioned after watching “The Tourist” that watching this one was a pleasant surprised.

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