Choosy Tuesday

Listening: Mary Poppins – Jolly ‘oliday. Don’t ask! I’m still high with Christmas-y spirit. I watched too many movies this past weekend…

Reading: Exploiting Chaos by Jeremy Gutsche and a bunch of other stuff for my Marketing course.
Wearing: Big comfy cape with leggings and boots.
Feeling: Motivated to work.
Outside: Grey and windy weather, not my favorite at all.
Wanting: to travel to somewhere warmer, a new camera and an IPad.

Needing: more time to do everything I want to do by the end of this week.

Thinking: about the year to come and in all the projects that still are on my shelf.

Enjoying: the company of family in this holiday season and newfound blogs to read.

Wondering: about love and a trip to Switzerland.