On style: Minimalist and fashionable practical

On style: Minimalist and fashionable practical, two looks to go through the days elegantly.
I have days when my closet doesn’t want to speak to me. It usually is quite open and generous, greeting me in the morning, showing me things I’ve long forgotten, whispering promises of stylish, comfortable or dressy looks. But sometimes, it turns mum, it shies away from me and make my mornings difficult.

I gaze at it, carefully browse through it but sometimes nothing seems appealling.

When this happen, it helps to have some tricks under the sleeve to fight off this absence of inspiration to dress nicely. So I scribbled some notes to help me during my fashion crisis:

  • Simplicity never hurt anyone. Following the K.I.S.S. rule is a safe option.
  • Heels will make you walk like a lady and upgrade any outfit.
  • Pick one good accessory and wear it proudly.

And there you are: ready to reverse closet adversity and go out in your best fashionable self.
These two looks above  show what I’m striving for.

White is good, especially if we are talking about good cut and good fabrics. Paired it with good shoes and it turns out great. This type of look will be huge for next Spring. Clean, like a breath of fresh air.
There is something quite catchy, in my personal  fashion taste, in the look of well-cut trousers. And there is always a way to turn a pair of trousers and a common blue shirt, as in an usual everyday working outfit, in something out of the ordinary.
It is hard not to notice the scarf and the sandals with socks in the second photo. They are the magic touch that takes the outfit to another different level. Now, that is a pair that I wouldn’t believed it worked, if I haven’t seen it working so well here. The colour combo is not hard to managed and we all probably have this outfit in our closets, we just haven’t noticed it before. Complement it with a big smile and you are ready to face the world.

(source: Calvin Klein SS11, in found mcqueens; photo by Trendycrew)


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    • Obrigada. Os lenços ficam girissímos. Não são fáceis de pôr logo “às primeiras” mas com um bocado de prática e bom olho, resultam muito bem.

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