Pixie Gamine or the style of Jean Seberg

2010 was the year of the strong return of the pixie cut. And those who dared to do it, have done it beautifully. Carey Mulligan, Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, Emma Watson… Well done!

It is not a look for everyone. It takes courage and a trusted hair stylist with some technique to get it that short and make it look that good. I appreciate this hair style and I admire the ladies who dare to do it.

Don’t fool yourself thinking this is an easy way to wear your hair. Truth is, you might end up with a lot less hair but with an arduous extra work on the morning. Depending on the type of hair you have, it might be tricky to style but it has the advantage of  granting a  much younger and feminine look.
The last time I wore my hair short like that was in 1991, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t remember any particular reason why I did such radical change. These were the times when I also wore pleated tartan skirts, bomber jackets and listened to Bryan Adams a lot… It was a different era.

But let’s not digress…

Pixie hairdos bring me a lot of memories and, because I’m a bit of a movie buff, the first name that comes to mind when I see short but feminine hair is Jean Seberg.

Sweet looking Jane with her pixie blond cut, cropped trousers, flats and tee. Effortlessly stylish!

As an actress, Jean climbed the fame ladder after leaving the Hollywood-esque scene to focus on French productions (Jean Luc Godard’s Breathless, for example). Paris added a certain French charm to the angelic eyes and petite frame that would turn her into a style icon to the present day.
Despite the ingenue look, Jean Seberg got caught in a turbulent downward spiral which would cut her life short at 40 years old. One more soul that faded too soon, leaving us with a remarkable work on cinema and photographic documents as proof of her fashion sense.

Jean, born an American, will always be a true Parisian girl to me.

Her penchant for slim cut pants, masculine shirts, stripes and trenches make her style as relevant as ever and are a true inspiration.
I don’t think I would dare to get myself a pixie cut these days but for the sake of good memories, I can always rewatch Bonjour Tristesse, dream of Montparnasse and well-dressed French people.

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4 thoughts on “Pixie Gamine or the style of Jean Seberg

    • Hi, Georgina! Thanks for stopping by.=)
      Great to see there is more pixie crop lovers out there. So, now will you let it grow out or will you keep it short? 😉

  1. If I had not curly/wavy/WTF-is-happening-today? hair, I would have my hair short. No doubt about it. LOVE IT!

    Also loved your writing on this;)


    maria ana

    • Thanks! Yeah, I know how it is to have hair like that as well.
      And the worst part of cutting your hair really short is when you decide to let it grow out. That’s some tricky phase!=)

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