My week: khaki, logos and other sundries

(Source:Photo on Styleclicker.
Interior design photo found on GreytheBlog)

Listening: to Pogo and it’s Disney-inspired “Wishery”- Pogo-Wishery. I’m addicted to this tune. It’s good stuff!

Reading: Unfortunately, nothing that isn’t work or study related. Boooring… but necessary.

Wearing: Cream blouse with military slim trousers in khaki. I have been wearing a lot of khaki lately but there’s one piece I think I’m missing in my closet: those trousers on the photo up there.

Feeling: A bit sleepy but grateful for how things have been going. Studying again has been quite satisfactory despite all stressful presentations, sleepless nights and overdose of caffeine. Despite a few  low moments when I found myself thinking “WTH was I thinking to go to college again?! I don’t need this.”, the overall experience has been great, filled with interesting opportunities and cool people to hang out with.

Outside: is unexpectedly sunny. A great weather to go out and have lunch outside. I love to go into the city to my favourite café and sit on the terrace to watch the people go by. While I was stuffing myself with mini-quiches, I remembered I left my camera at home again… What a waisted opportunity to take a couple of shots.

Wanting: to change home decoration. I have spent too much time at home lately and I’m getting tired of these walls. I need something to spice up my living room and office.

Needing: a little time off to keep up with friends. With so much postponing and cancelling invitations they might start thinking I’ve become a hermit.

Thinking: about all the blog drafts I have to finish and the inumerous unread posts on my bloglovin’. I have some catching up to do, that’s for sure.

Enjoying: looking at all Spring collections and browsing through the new trends. I’m seeing a lot of ladylike clothing, lot of long skirts, muted colours and soft make up and I like what I’m seeing.

Wondering: about a new header for the blog. I wanted to get a logo for some time now and I finally got it. I’m very proud of it, it’s quite neat! It was made by Joyce Kuan, a designer and art director, that was so kind to agree to create a logo for the blog. You can find her on Etsy as well, on her LittleJoys shop. Definitely worth checking out!

How about you? How is your week going?