Is it Friday? The time does fly.

Hello! I’m just taking a little break off my exhausting routine (aka I-wish-I-could-run-away-from-this-exams-nightmare, also known as What-was-I-thinking-going-to-college-again?-I-want-my-life-back!) of these last weeks, to leave you with some snippets from this week.

Although work/college routine ate the rest of my life, making it hard for me to say awake enough time to actually write anything coherent, there are some things I couldn’t help but notice around the web this week.

This is my attempt to a Things I Love Thursday… but on a Friday.

First, I’ve heard Christian Lacroix is collaborating in a collection for Desigual. I was curious to see how it turned out. “Patterns galore” comes to mind.

The Chanel SS11 campaign. It is not actually news but I just noticed the photo shoot: Elegant ladies playing around with the gardener in a sunny afternoon and Freja Beha showering naked in a bucket…  Just another good way of killing time, I guess.

Finally, a suggestion for a very fashionable weekend: The Brandery ,happening on Barcelona next week.


And that’s it! I’m going back to my duties with a promise of coming back soon.

Over and out.

{sources: Desigual, The Brandery, Chanel via BoF}