February covers

{source: photos via FashionGoneRogue.
Alessandra Ambrosio photographed by Mico,Harper's Bazaar España, February 2011; 
Enico Mihalik photographed by Ben Hassett, Numéro #120, February 2011.}

February is here, finally.

I could not wait for January to be over. Not that I do not like January but this was a particularly hectic month around here. There was a lot to do, a lot to plan, extra hours of work during four weeks on a row, with an exams period in faculty, which lead to very little sleep and no time or energy to devote to the blogosphere… Uhhhff, I am just glad it went well and it’s done. Okay, rant is over…
Let’s move on to my picks for this month fashion cover, on double dose this time.

Pleated skirts in light fabrics and the “new minimalism”. New? Is it really? That is open to discussion.

We have been watching the return of the mid-length pleated skirt and it is one of those on coming trends that might work quite well or not work at all. I’ve seen some streetstyle photos of it, and it looked quite well.

Would I wear it?

I would have to try it and see. I already found a good selection online and I am waiting actually to go in a store and try a couple. I will let this for another occasion and I will let you know how it went.
For now, Alessandra Ambrosio on the cover of Harper’s using purple with the long lasting nude. Although I like the colours, I do not particularly fancy the one-shoulder top and the necklace in this cover but the skirt did catch my eye.

But then I saw this month “Numéro”. The fierce look, the bold colours, the strong make-up… Hard to miss, huh? I not a big fan of all things furry but this cover won my heart.

If you saw both of these on the news-stands, next to one another, and could only buy one, what would you choose?


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