Blogging and free time: how I do it

Lazy weekends are the best thing.

These are the only days that I feel happy to plan.

It may sound a bit odd, since weekends are free time and you shouldn’t plan free time, you should just enjoy it.

My beloved free time has to be planned though because it is scarce and I want to make the most of it. I want to be with my family and friends, I want to go out for drinks, I want to sleep, I want to read, I want to blog, I want to go to the beach, I want to go run and take my dog… It is too much stuff to do in just one small weekend.

I’m  good with this “mental planning “ though but not so good at sticking to the plan.

So, since the task of accomplished it all is daunting, I have to come up with some kind of tactics for doing what I love, well and quickly, as to have time to do the other thousands of things that I love as well.

The toughest to control is the “ internet time“: it has to be planned because it’s so easy to fall on a procrastinating state when we are on the computer/Pad/phone… Spending hours glued to a screen, wanting to do so much and accomplishing so little.

To enjoy a couple of hours online while actually doing something, aka, writing/blogging, I rely in a couple little online “trinkets” that contribute to my creative side and help my stay organized in my blogging quest to find my stylish self.

One of my favorite things to do, the thing that fuels my passion for fashion and trendy things is the process of finding inspiring material, good articles, the latest streetstyle photos.

As much as I love writing, the pretty visuals are what inspire me the most. I am a big fan of mood boards, scrapbooks, and Tumblr by the way, for this exact reason: I love to collect those special photos and pieces of information that I find beautiful. It is the collector in me, wanting to keep memories of all things pretty. Online search just made everything easier without the need of using scissors, glues, markers…My old scrapbooks are filed away in a drawer  now that is easier using image editing software programs.

Recently I’ve started using other web tools that help me in the process of organizing ideas and plan posts for the blog.

I’ve been used to do brainstorming a lot, both in my professional life as in my personal projects, but I’ve always done it by handwriting it. With , mind mapping just got more interesting. It’s peachy easy, I can do it online, save it, print it and what not… and it always look clean and neat.

Since I use a lot of photos found all over the web, that are obviously not mine own, copyright and giving proper credit is always on my mind. I mean, stating the source of the image is the least we can do and I hate when I cannot find the proper source to link to. That is when may become useful, by helping to track the photo to its origin. It is not always accurate but it helps.

With so much time spent roaming the wonderful world of beautiful online imagery, I cannot forget of all the things I want to write about for the blog.

I’m still a newbie in the craft of editorial planning but it helps me to write down my posts ideas and set a date for each post. This just keeps me accountable to my own schedule and it allows me to fit  blogging time in my daily routine. While I don’t get myself a fancy  planner pour ma semaine (pardon my french!) like this, my good old weekly planner and my worn notebook will do.

With all the planning said and done, I’m free to enjoy the rest of the weekend and go look for some inspiration outside.
{sources: printscreen from my personal tumblr page,  photo from}

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  2. This is a really great post, and thank you for the link to – it looks really interesting! I know what you mean by spending so much time online but not DOING anything… It’s neat hearing how you are trying to change it!

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