What are you feeling today? – Thursday love

Good day! What are you feeling today?

Tough question?

Ok, let me break the ice: I am feeling quite good actually. A bit sleepy, I confess, but motivated nonetheless.

I feel just fine! They feel fine as well.

What a great project!

We feel fine show us an interesting exploration of the craziness that is human emotion. Highly interactive and constantly growing, this is definitely something worth of attention.

We Feel Fine is basically an ever-changing database of what goes on the hearts and minds of bloggers from all over the world, in a website that you can perused in inumerous ways.

Who feels good? Who’s feeling less well? Who is feeling more? What do men feel?

I just might have to go back there and look for answers. I’ll let you know if I find them!

Meanwhile, I’m feeling like I need to look at pretty things, like this one:

Mary Katrantzou and her trademark prints at London Fashion Week would make my Thursday more colorful for sure. {via fashionrogue}

Without the chance of having a gorgeous Katrantzou dress in my closet, I would feel more stylish with one of these bracelets.

A Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s shape-shifting bracelet with a ceramic finish. Nothing like a statement piece to make you stand out of the crowd.

Looking for something to do this evening?

I would recommend watching True Grit. A good western to please both Gfs and Bfs.

I’ll skip the cinema today. I’ll be listening to John Cale & Band in the city instead.

I’m getting out of things to love this instant. I can just left this as it is or do like this guys and just meoww…

Have a great Thursday!


5 thoughts on “What are you feeling today? – Thursday love

  1. I’m feeling hagover!!!! :S

    O cabelo da Scarlett foi uma lufada de ar fresco no ar sempre tão 50’s dela. Gostei muito, só não achei o hairstyle para os Oscares muito adequado. Quanto ao encomendar online…. Ufff do que me foste lembrar, já tenho o MBnet aqui a arder-me na carteira….

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