Dreaming of the perfect weekend

{blouse, jacket, skinnies, boots, bag}

It feels nice to finally see this week almost over because I believe we all deserve some rest from these crazy days. (Sending my thoughts and good vibes to the Japanese people!)

I managed to squeeze all the productivity I have left in me to finished all the tasks, run all the errands, attend all the social obligations I could before today, just so I could have a nice and stress-free weekend.

So, if the weather decides to cooperate with me, tomorrow I’ll turn off my phone, get up late, drive to the seaside and have a very merry day, full of sunlight, sea breeze, seafood, love and laughter.

Sundays are definitely my favourite days!

Have a great one!


8 thoughts on “Dreaming of the perfect weekend

    • Se é! É pena os fim de semana serem tão curtos. Deviam ter pelo menos três dias: um para dormir, um para “blogar” e outro para passear! =) Assim, sim, seria perfeito!

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