The day the boots died

It is a sad day for my wardrobe.

The time has come for my beloved camel boots. Poor little ones…

They serve me well through out the entire Autumn and Winter but it is now time to let them go. They are now worn out and the sole is coming off, which lead me to think that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to walk in them in wet beach sand… But, what could I do? I was too cold to take them off.

I would show how they look like but:

1. It is a little embarrassing. They’re in really bad shape.
2. And I lost the cable of my camera and can’t upload the gazillion photos in it. (I’m still trying to decide if it is worth it to get a new one or just buy a new camera.)

And now what am I going to wear?

Do I have to go back to black boots? I don’t even remember how to wear those anymore. Should I switch to sandals right away? It is still chilly and I don’t see myself sporting the “sandals and socks” trend.

No, no, I need a new pair of pretty ankle boots. I promise I’ll treat the next ones better.
I should just go crazy and get the ones I want: a pair of Marant booties.

Emma did it and so should I!

Besides this, I had a nice pretty Saturday.

  • I’ve listened to TV on the Radio.



I’m still bummed about my boots though… Never thought we had to say goodbye like this.


Have a wonderful weekend!

9 thoughts on “The day the boots died

  1. The loss of a favorite pair of shoes is a tragic one and hard to deal with. It seems like there will be no perfect replacement… for awhile anyway!

    I hope you find a new pair to love soon! xo

  2. Uma pessoa fica tão chateada!… e nem tem a ver com o valor, tem a ver com quanto gostamos da coisa em si…
    Agora não te preocupes com botas, passa já para as sabrinas:)


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your boots! I hate it when I have to throw away my favorite item in my closet! But you can always get a new one 🙂 xoxoxoo

  4. Oh no, are you serious? How worn are they that you can’t wear them anymore? I’d like to see a photo just to prepare myself for my own boots’ dead. Didn’t you have the cobbler put on soles before wearing them?

    • Yes. But truth is, they weren’t very good quality and I wore them on a daily basis throughout 6 months. They look like Marant’s but weren’t the real deal.
      Since they were quite cheap, I should knew that they wouldn’t last long.
      I probably should have put on new soles but I didn’t. Besides that, and because they weren’t made of real leather, the back of the boot near the heel, was worn out and completely ripped open. Fix it would cost at least half of what I spent on the first place. It wasn’t worth it.=)

  5. Oh Thanks Matita, your music makes my 4 months baby so peaceful and happy : he loves it ! 🙂

    And I do understand you so much about the boots : it’s so hard to say goodbye !

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