Elie Saab could save me

2011 is the year of the wedding but I didn’t got the memo.

It seems everyone and their mother is getting married this year and I managed to get an invitation to all of the marriage celebrations… Except Kate and William’s… And Albert and Charlene’s… I didn’t get an invitation to those… Maybe they got lost on the mail, I suppose…

But those I’m invited to are totally different weddings: a country wedding, a city wedding, a wedding in a church versus a civil wedding, a wedding on a Friday night vs a huge wedding  in the afternoon. And now I have to plan a few outfits that can rise to the occasion. With not much time and working on a budget, I’ll have  to find something fast.

Now , if I could order the entire Resort 2012 Collection by Elie Saab in a click, this task would  be much easier. A beautiful collection and a wonderful source of inspiration for my poor soul.

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