Must-see: Layering tips for Fall

I had to share this with you all:

A video from the Leaf series with great examples of stylish layering.

Now that the days are chilly, nothing like a few good tips on how to go-out looking fab and warm.

Take a look!

This was great inspiration to get into Fall mode and scoot my closet for some layering pieces.

I personally loved the denim shirt with the leather jacket on top. I’ll try this combo one of these days, for sure.

Do you have any layering tips? Share with us! =)



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2 thoughts on “Must-see: Layering tips for Fall

    • Hi! I’m glad you liked it. =)
      Yeah, Fall did greet us in a quite fashionable way! With lots of rain and wind, it was a great day to take those wellies out of the closet, for sure.

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