Weekend tip: Night out look

Going out this weekend?

If you’re going out to dinner, maybe to have a few drinks or dance a bit, you’re probably already making plans about the look you will wear.

Let’s not keep the boy waiting for hours while you get ready to go out! If you want to be quick but still look fab, the “cat eye” look is the way to go.

It’s uncomplicated and classy. It just takes a bit of practice to master the liquid eyeliner. #caprichanotraço!

The attention will be focused on the eyes, so keep the rest of the face clean and fresh. Dab a little bronzer on the cheeks for contouring and keep the lips neutral.

And you’re ready to shine!

Wishing you a great and love-filled weekend!

(source: Julian Restoin Roitfeld photos; Estee Lauder, Clinique, Sephora)

xo, matita

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