Women of science

Here is a fantastic series of posters honoring cool science women.

While some discuss the best way to bring more women to the technology world, others exalt the amazing women who already made their mark on the science field and opened doors to the many more that have followed their example.

Enquanto se discute o melhor modo de cativar o género feminino para a área da tecnologia , convém também não esquecer todas as mulheres que já deram cartas na área científica e que abriram portas para as muitas mais que lhes seguiram. De modo cool, ficam os posters como forma de homenagem:


Marie Curie – radioactivity researcher, who was not only the first woman to win a Nobel Prize but also the first person to win two Nobel Prizes.

Sally Ride – physicist and the first American woman in space.

Jane Goodal – the ever famous primatologist.

Rachel Carson – marine biologist.

Rosalind Franklin – the biophysicist who helped discover the structure of DNA.

Grace Hopper – computer scientist who was in the beginning of the development of the first computer programming language.

(Posters created by the designer Hydrogene./Os posters são criação do designer Hydrogene.)

xo, matita

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