I collect scents – Atelier Rebul

There are special little moments in life that will stay engraved in my mind until I become old and too tired too remember anything. Sometimes it only takes a sniff of an old cologne to bring back those precious memories.

Just like deja vu, the scents stay with me and take me traveling down the memory lane. So, I choose scents not to smell great to others but to freeze seasons, chapters of life on my memory forever… It is a quirky habit of mine but It works. Whenever I smell lavender, I remember the time in Scotland; fresh cut grass smell takes me to summers by the pool; water lilies to my high school years, and white musk to that special date.


This little quirk involves a lot of searching for the “good stuff”… the good stuff being the next favourite scent, that special made essence that will mark the next travel or season or year of my life.

Now that my current bottle of perfume is reaching its end, the next step is to get my hands on some “Atelier Rebul” Eau de cologne. I’m dreaming of fig or jasmine…

Create in late 19th century, in Istanbul during the last period of the Ottoman Empire, Pharmacy Rebul create their first cologne in 1938, Lavanda Rebul that soon became famous among Istanbul’s gentlemen. Its prestige grew quickly. It became a sign of sophistication among men, and its consistent quality the secret of the brand’s long history.

We can still find Atelier Rebul  at its original address but today we will get, not just the famous lavender cologne, but a much broader choice of fragrances for both men and women, and skin care products. Atelier Rebul is on the bucket list for a future stop at Istanbul.

Source: atelierrebul.com


O mítico Touche Éclat completou 20 anos | betrend.pt | fashion & lifestyle

Para ler na Betrend.pt:  O mítico Touche Éclat completou 20 anos | betrend.pt | fashion & lifestyle.

Sou fã confessa do icónico pincelinho da YSL, já não passo sem ele. Aplicar Touche Éclat é para mim um hábito tão natural como o escovar de dentes.



Naturalmente sexy | betrend.pt

Naturalmente sexy | betrend.pt | fashion & lifestyle.

Algumas sugestões de maquilhagem para esta Primavera para ler na Betrend.pt

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It’s a good look: Clemence Poesy style

Se a beleza está no olhar…

… porque não fazer como a bela Clemence e optar por um look simples mas sexy, sem aquele ar de quem está completamente produzida.

O truque é simples: poucos produtos mas com qualidade, esfumar o olho levemente para maior realce e definição, texturizar o cabelo com um pouco de spray  e polvilhar com  auto-estima e confiança q.b. .

1. Eyeshadow/Sombra Chanel Illusion D’Ombre em Mirifique

2. Brush/Pincel Real Techniques

3. Surf Spray da Bumble and Bumble


(source: Chanel; Real Techniques; Sephora)

Feel beautiful,


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Weekend tip: Indulge!

Take time to take care of yourself!

There is nothing like a restoring warm bath to melt the worries away.

Matita recommends: a Ne Worry Pas bathbomb with a scent tht would make you feel in heaven,  and a Bewitched massage bar to treat your skin and bring some magic into those muscles.

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Links Love: People, beauty and love

Good  stuff to see and read around the web:

  • Sílvia from Laissez Moi puts together some wonderful choices on big scarves for this Fall/Winter: LassezMoi
  • Jen Tam shows us a “waise” choice on layering: Winter Layers
  • The importance of people on Brains on fire: “Be present with your people – and passionate about them.”
  • Why fall in love? “The problem, of course, is that we can’t access the depths of love without opening ourselves to its risks – that the price of allowing ourselves to experience love’s mystery is utter vulnerability.”

Have a wonderful Sunday!

xo, matita

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