Self-promotion never hurted nobody – Fitzroy




The dutch agency Fitzroy used a great way to promote itself. With campaigns for Hyunday, Ben & Jerry and Doritos, their work is always original and provocative.

Their philosophy:

It is not the strongest brand that survives nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.


Source: Fitzroy


Grow some wings

Here is a special something to wear on your shoulders.

Gorgeous work by Roza Khamitova from Kazakhstan. Inspired by wild birds, Roza designs all these unique cotton and silk scarves.


Untitled design3

Spread your wings and fly.

Source: Shovava

Rivoli Cinema Hostel

b o k  c h o y

When you live in a city, you pay attention to the most trivial things…  You noticed the smallest changes on the streets you walk on a daily basis.

In Porto,  Rivoli Theatre is impossible to miss. Back in the day, during those bright cold mornings, I used to look at it while seated at the bus stop waiting for the 301 to take me to campus. People rushing by on the busy plaza, walking in to the cafes for a quick espresso before work… I was so far from imagining I would be living in KL 5 years later.

At the time, I strongly believed Porto to be the coolest city. I didn’t have any arguments to back this up… Other than it felt right to be where I was. Old bustling Porto was where I belonged.

Looking back, I’m still pretty much smitten by that city. And proud, so proud… Porto people know how to do cool. They are tough, they are brutally honest, they are not afraid to face life and build new things. They do the best they can with what they have, and they take care of their city the best they know how.

And even amidst all the economical struggle, the brave ones keep opening great places: cafes, bars, galleries, hostels.

Now, I’m not alone when I claim Porto is one of the coolest cities. Trivago also shares my opinion: Porto has one of the coolest hostels in Europe.

Check this out: Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Perfect place for movie lovers and the location is ideal to go and discover downtown Porto. It is very affordable, with great room decor inspired on famous movies and a sunny terrace for a relaxing sunset drink.

Rivoli (1)

In Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Source: O Porto Cool

Workplace balance


Find your workplace balance! I’ve always been told that the nature is the perfect escape from a busy life. It happens that when you’re stuck in a  office during the week, the solution is to bring the nature to you.

Stratera reminds us of that . Stratera plants is a design project that researches and uses the therapeutic properties of plants to improve our working environment. The result of this work is an object made for the working space. The plants, nestled in ceramic pots, balance in a metal structure supported by a stone base. The two halves represent the physical and mental wellbeing that make us whole. We think of it as a gentle reminder to keep balance in your working life.

via Trendland

Source: Stratera

The Butter Knife

download (1)

Innovation is all about making our life easier, right?

Check ButterUp, the holy grail of the better butter knives. It got funded by $349 m on Kickstarter.

I want one. Bring on those toasts.

Alexander Wang for a laugh

If you don’t know who Bon Qui Qui is, let me just tell ya: Shame on you! Go look it up! “Ruuude!”

Alexander Wang gives us a laugh by showing us the guetto-fabulous Bon Qui Qui as shop clerk. It is costumer service at it’s worst. I like it when fashion don’t take itself too seriously!

Bo qui qui? SNL MadTv Bon Qui Qui, personagem de Angelah Johnson? Não estão a ver? Meus amores, que falta de cultura pop. Passem no youtube e dêem uma vista de olhos.

Alexander Wang aproveitou a personagem para nos dar 3 minutos de entreternimento e de serviço ao cliente no seu melhor (ou pior!).No vídeo vemos a fabulosa Bon Qui Qui a atender clientes conhecidos como Alessandra Ambrosio ou Simon Doonan, com a maior atitude do mundo.

Gosto quando o mundo da moda não se leva demasiado a sério.


(source: alexanderwang via lowelcounsel)

xo, matita


Nunca um Iphone soou tão bem (ou pelo menos, tão alto).

en&is design presenteia-nos com um original acessório para os famosos gadgets: é um  amplificador criado propositadamente para se adaptar ao seu fiel smart. Quer seja para ouvir música ou para conversar em alta voz (literalmente!), som não há-de faltar.