Grow some wings

Here is a special something to wear on your shoulders.

Gorgeous work by Roza Khamitova from Kazakhstan. Inspired by wild birds, Roza designs all these unique cotton and silk scarves.


Untitled design3

Spread your wings and fly.

Source: Shovava


Trend: Geometric Necklaces

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Maravilhosa geometria ou origamis?

Desde o modelo House of Harlow 1960 de Nicole Richie que o estilo se tem vindo a propagar um pouco por todo o lado.

Juntam-se uns motivos geométricos, umas cores, umas linhas clean… Envolve-se tudo com um pouco de criatividade e pufff, nascem acessórios lindos!



Hits ‘n Hots: Monday picks

Nice knitwear paired with original necklaces for  comfortable yet stylish effortless look.

(source: Sewasong; Heist)

xo, matita

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Wednesday love – Whimsical Shadow puppets

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