Grow some wings

Here is a special something to wear on your shoulders.

Gorgeous work by Roza Khamitova from Kazakhstan. Inspired by wild birds, Roza designs all these unique cotton and silk scarves.


Untitled design3

Spread your wings and fly.

Source: Shovava


NatarGeorgiou collections

NatarGeorgiou de Dimos Natar e Andreas Georgiou, dois designers gregos que juntaram esforços para criar uma coleção mágica, onde as transparências e as iridiscências se fundem com o handmade para criar vestidos marcantes e  com um cunho moderno.

Não são peças para os “fracos de coração” mas sim para os ousados e para os que gostam de primar pela diferença. A mistura de texturas e de materiais foge dos padrões habituais mas nunca do bom gosto. É uma coleção a manter “debaixo de olho” no próximo Outono/Inverno.

Fonte: NatarGeorgiou



Walking on good man shoes

The essence of style it is in the walk.

The way you carry yourself through life shows, inside and out. And not even the best clothes will camouflage a tainted or empty personality.
After all, it is said that not even the best wrapping paper can change the fact
the gift inside isn’t all that much.

Now, if one carries oneself with trueness and uniqueness,

if one is a rebel with a cause, if is the adventurer or daring kind,  there is no better complement to that shiny personality than the style that a good shoe can add.

If one intends to truly “walk the talk“, one should do so as comfortable and  stylish as possible, right?

And if the goal is to walk in a great pair of quality shoes, they better be Portuguese shoes!


To watch: Oficina Caroletta, an example of the best that can be done in the portuguese shoe industry. A project by Ruben Avelar and Rui Sousa.  Exclusive and 100% handmade luxury shoes, soon selling online, in two different variants: My Own Shoes, a collection with pre-existent models where the client can choose and personalize the sole; or the TayloringMadeShoes, where the client can get an exclusive shoe, completely personalized to suit one’s personal taste.