Links Love: Good things come

Que tal de fim de semana?

Aqui fica uma data de coisas interessantes para ver e ler na blogosfera:

  • The raddest hair change – Há algum tempo que não via uma mudança de look tão bem conseguida. Adorei o resultado e a coragem para fazer um corte tão drástico.




Links Love: People, beauty and love

Good  stuff to see and read around the web:

  • Sílvia from Laissez Moi puts together some wonderful choices on big scarves for this Fall/Winter: LassezMoi
  • Jen Tam shows us a “waise” choice on layering: Winter Layers
  • The importance of people on Brains on fire: “Be present with your people – and passionate about them.”
  • Why fall in love? “The problem, of course, is that we can’t access the depths of love without opening ourselves to its risks – that the price of allowing ourselves to experience love’s mystery is utter vulnerability.”

Have a wonderful Sunday!

xo, matita

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Weekly musings

  • Feeling: High on caffeine.
  • Outside:Crazy weather, the kind of weather that makes you either wanna triple your ice-cream consumption or roll yourself in a blankie near a fireplace.
  • Wanting: to sleep 10 hours straight and still have enough time to party.
  • Thinking: about giving my skinny jeans a break and bring back the flares.
  • Enjoying: the company of newfound friends.
  • Wondering: about who the hell got the idea of bringing long denim skirts back!? Huge faux pas!

The day the boots died

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Lovely week: links and other sundries

  • Did anyone notice the beautiful full moon in the sky this week?
  • Lovin’ this issue of Loony Magazine: Ines de la Fresange’s Ten ways to dress like a Parisian
  • My Spring cleaning is almost done. I’m ready to redecorate the the room now. I’m going for colour!
  • My beloved yoga class make me discover muscles I didn’t even know I had. I love it though.I have the nicest teacher.

Until next Monday!

Good links are like cherries


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