Workplace balance


Find your workplace balance! I’ve always been told that the nature is the perfect escape from a busy life. It happens that when you’re stuck in a  office during the week, the solution is to bring the nature to you.

Stratera reminds us of that . Stratera plants is a design project that researches and uses the therapeutic properties of plants to improve our working environment. The result of this work is an object made for the working space. The plants, nestled in ceramic pots, balance in a metal structure supported by a stone base. The two halves represent the physical and mental wellbeing that make us whole. We think of it as a gentle reminder to keep balance in your working life.

via Trendland

Source: Stratera


Nem tudo tem que ser preto no branco…

Porque apesar de tudo o mundo ainda consegue ser um lugar muito especial.

Zoe, nascida na ilha de Moloka’i no Havai, é a única zebra branca (ou dourada!) em cativeiro.
Para saber mais acerca da Zoe, ver aqui.

Source: sciatic

Em feriado ou a trabalhar, que seja um excelente dia para todos!