Rivoli Cinema Hostel

b o k  c h o y

When you live in a city, you pay attention to the most trivial things…  You noticed the smallest changes on the streets you walk on a daily basis.

In Porto,  Rivoli Theatre is impossible to miss. Back in the day, during those bright cold mornings, I used to look at it while seated at the bus stop waiting for the 301 to take me to campus. People rushing by on the busy plaza, walking in to the cafes for a quick espresso before work… I was so far from imagining I would be living in KL 5 years later.

At the time, I strongly believed Porto to be the coolest city. I didn’t have any arguments to back this up… Other than it felt right to be where I was. Old bustling Porto was where I belonged.

Looking back, I’m still pretty much smitten by that city. And proud, so proud… Porto people know how to do cool. They are tough, they are brutally honest, they are not afraid to face life and build new things. They do the best they can with what they have, and they take care of their city the best they know how.

And even amidst all the economical struggle, the brave ones keep opening great places: cafes, bars, galleries, hostels.

Now, I’m not alone when I claim Porto is one of the coolest cities. Trivago also shares my opinion: Porto has one of the coolest hostels in Europe.

Check this out: Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Perfect place for movie lovers and the location is ideal to go and discover downtown Porto. It is very affordable, with great room decor inspired on famous movies and a sunny terrace for a relaxing sunset drink.

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In Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Source: O Porto Cool


Cordas de saltar


Quem se lembra daquelas longas tardes sem aulas, no tempo da velha Primária, em que nos deixavam andar à solta, todos juntos pelas ruas da aldeia com a única peocupação de encontrar algo de divertido para fazer até ser horas de voltar para casa?

Eu lembro-me de passar muitas tardes a saltar à corda até não poder mais. E só quando as pernas começavam a dar sinais de cansaço é que ía lanchar: um leite com chocolate e as bolachas maria do costume.

Não tinha tempos livres nem atividades extra-curriculares porque também não precisava. Fazíamos exercício até mais não, sujávamos a camisola e rompíamos as meias mas aprendíamos coisas novas uns com os outros, mais que não fosse a pregar partidas aos vizinhos…

Dizem que saltar à corda não é coisa de crescidos mas ao ver cordas assim, dá-me uma certa vontade de as experimentar só para ver se ainda não lhe perdi o jeito.

Para descobrir na CasaX
Rua Vilanovense Futebol Clube N31
4400-334 VN Gaia



It’s a good look: 25 de Abril, dia de revolução?

Porque o vermelho também é cor da liberdade…

…a cor da força, dos ideais e de um coração cheio.

Que nunca nos falte a vontade de lutar pelo que vale a pena.

Aqui ficam alguns looks para se inspirar na cor e sair hoje para a rua:


Photos: caroline-sieber, wendy’s lookbook, Coachella



Walking on good man shoes

The essence of style it is in the walk.

The way you carry yourself through life shows, inside and out. And not even the best clothes will camouflage a tainted or empty personality.
After all, it is said that not even the best wrapping paper can change the fact
the gift inside isn’t all that much.

Now, if one carries oneself with trueness and uniqueness,

if one is a rebel with a cause, if is the adventurer or daring kind,  there is no better complement to that shiny personality than the style that a good shoe can add.

If one intends to truly “walk the talk“, one should do so as comfortable and  stylish as possible, right?

And if the goal is to walk in a great pair of quality shoes, they better be Portuguese shoes!


To watch: Oficina Caroletta, an example of the best that can be done in the portuguese shoe industry. A project by Ruben Avelar and Rui Sousa.  Exclusive and 100% handmade luxury shoes, soon selling online, in two different variants: My Own Shoes, a collection with pre-existent models where the client can choose and personalize the sole; or the TayloringMadeShoes, where the client can get an exclusive shoe, completely personalized to suit one’s personal taste.

Weekend getaway – short, cheap and sweet

The Buddha Eden Garden: my suggestion for the weekend.

Everyone deserves some time off, even if it is just a little break from our worldly worries, a simple and carefree getaway with that special someone.

The Buddha Eden Garden is a good place to take a few hours away from our dayly grinds and just relax.

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