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Looking for inspiration? If you are going to read anything this week, read this.


“We’ve grown used to spending weeks on one idea only to have it thrown away at the last minute. If we opened up this process to more sharing — among ourselves and our clients — we’d have more time to build and evolve better ideas.”

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“There is no settling down without some settling for. There is no long-term relationship not just putting up with your partner’s flaws, but accepting them and then pretending they aren’t there. We like to call it in my house “paying the price of admission.

(…) Any long-term relationship that’s successful is really a myth that two people create together … and myths are built of lies, and there’s usually some kernel of truth…”

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Gente com pinta e moda – Trendalert.me


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Links Love: Good things come

Que tal de fim de semana?

Aqui fica uma data de coisas interessantes para ver e ler na blogosfera:

  • The raddest hair change – Há algum tempo que não via uma mudança de look tão bem conseguida. Adorei o resultado e a coragem para fazer um corte tão drástico.