I collect scents – Atelier Rebul

There are special little moments in life that will stay engraved in my mind until I become old and too tired too remember anything. Sometimes it only takes a sniff of an old cologne to bring back those precious memories.

Just like deja vu, the scents stay with me and take me traveling down the memory lane. So, I choose scents not to smell great to others but to freeze seasons, chapters of life on my memory forever… It is a quirky habit of mine but It works. Whenever I smell lavender, I remember the time in Scotland; fresh cut grass smell takes me to summers by the pool; water lilies to my high school years, and white musk to that special date.


This little quirk involves a lot of searching for the “good stuff”… the good stuff being the next favourite scent, that special made essence that will mark the next travel or season or year of my life.

Now that my current bottle of perfume is reaching its end, the next step is to get my hands on some “Atelier Rebul” Eau de cologne. I’m dreaming of fig or jasmine…

Create in late 19th century, in Istanbul during the last period of the Ottoman Empire, Pharmacy Rebul create their first cologne in 1938, Lavanda Rebul that soon became famous among Istanbul’s gentlemen. Its prestige grew quickly. It became a sign of sophistication among men, and its consistent quality the secret of the brand’s long history.

We can still find Atelier Rebul  at its original address but today we will get, not just the famous lavender cologne, but a much broader choice of fragrances for both men and women, and skin care products. Atelier Rebul is on the bucket list for a future stop at Istanbul.

Source: atelierrebul.com


Rivoli Cinema Hostel

b o k  c h o y

When you live in a city, you pay attention to the most trivial things…  You noticed the smallest changes on the streets you walk on a daily basis.

In Porto,  Rivoli Theatre is impossible to miss. Back in the day, during those bright cold mornings, I used to look at it while seated at the bus stop waiting for the 301 to take me to campus. People rushing by on the busy plaza, walking in to the cafes for a quick espresso before work… I was so far from imagining I would be living in KL 5 years later.

At the time, I strongly believed Porto to be the coolest city. I didn’t have any arguments to back this up… Other than it felt right to be where I was. Old bustling Porto was where I belonged.

Looking back, I’m still pretty much smitten by that city. And proud, so proud… Porto people know how to do cool. They are tough, they are brutally honest, they are not afraid to face life and build new things. They do the best they can with what they have, and they take care of their city the best they know how.

And even amidst all the economical struggle, the brave ones keep opening great places: cafes, bars, galleries, hostels.

Now, I’m not alone when I claim Porto is one of the coolest cities. Trivago also shares my opinion: Porto has one of the coolest hostels in Europe.

Check this out: Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Perfect place for movie lovers and the location is ideal to go and discover downtown Porto. It is very affordable, with great room decor inspired on famous movies and a sunny terrace for a relaxing sunset drink.

Rivoli (1)

In Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Source: O Porto Cool

Viajar enche-nos a alma

Viajar enche-nos a alma. Não por ser fácil, ser trendy ou ser bonito, mas sim porque nos tira do nosso espaço de conforto e nos muda por dentro.

Quando partes para o mundo lá fora, tens 3 hipóteses: ou tentas viver a tudo o custo como vivias em casa (shame on you!), ou voltas para casa porque esta vida já não e para ti (I’m too old for this sh*t) ou te adaptas.
Eu voto na última: sabe bem deixar-se levar pela experiência e encher a alma com boas memórias ao mesmo tempo que se enche as páginas do passaporte.

Para inspiração, aqui ficam alguns exemplares de passaportes de famosos que também, de uma maneira ou outra, partiram por este mundo fora:








(via hypeness.com.br)



Paris in Color – the book

Uma sugestão de leitura para os que gostam de andar por aí, a ver mundo…

… a gastar a sola dos sapatos, a passear, a fotografar, a escrever, a desenhar, a comer ou a simplesmente a conhecer gente. Aos que têm fome de léguas e sede de novidades. Para quem acredita que o mundo é vasto mas ao nosso alcance. Para os que viajam e que, mesmo quando o seu corpo não viaja, a mente viaja por ele e foge para lugares longínquos. Para os que (eu incluída!) mesmo quando estão por casa deixam a mente vaguear, fica a sugestão para ler, apreciar e partilhar com os amigos.
Paris in Color é uma compilação de belas fotos da sempre irresistível cidade de Paris. Atrás da lente, Nichole Robertson, a escrever em Little Brown Pen, é uma escritora e fotógrafa de Glen Ridge, NJ que em 2009 decide mudar-se para Paris.
É a cidade de Luz que reacende a paixão pela fotografia e que a leva a deambular pelas ruas parisienses para capturar os seus detalhes e as suas cores.
Este é mais um bom livro para juntar à coleção, ótimo para inspirar as próximas escapadinhas culturais.

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Weekend getaway – short, cheap and sweet

The Buddha Eden Garden: my suggestion for the weekend.

Everyone deserves some time off, even if it is just a little break from our worldly worries, a simple and carefree getaway with that special someone.

The Buddha Eden Garden is a good place to take a few hours away from our dayly grinds and just relax.

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Portivity – Uma cidade chamada Porto

Rainy Sundays have this effect on me, they bring back a bunch of sweet memories.

I believe it was not a coincidence that I have found this wonderful video today.

It is nothing but a great homage to one of my favourite cities in the whole  wide world, Porto!

Ai, Invicta! Já fui muito feliz aqui.

[Video by Victor Santos, a finalist of Portivity]

xo, matita

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Last Summer Days

Falésia, Vilamoura

At first glance it might seem that the more free time I have, the less productive I become. Continue reading